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Protection Against Wildfires Smoke

Portable & Lightweight Air Ionizer

UV Light

Filterless (No Internal Cleaning Required)

Eliminate Smoke, Odor, Dust, Allergens & Mold


Perfect For All Homes, Bedrooms Or Desktops

You Breathe 2,800 Gallons Of Air Each Day. That’s A Lot Of Air!

Our Mission To Bring You Clean Air So You Can Live A Happy And Healthy Life Is Fueled By Our Drive To Make This World A Better Place.


We Tested Tens Of Air Purifiers, But All Come Up Short On The Most Important Thing - Providing Clean Air.. The Famous Saying Goes “If You Want Something Done Right, You Have To Do It Yourself”. Well, That’s Exactly What We Did.

"I've Noticed Our Toddler Isn't Rubbing Her Nose As Much As She Used To," 

Says Debra Mike From Seattle!


AIR PURIFIER FOR ALLERGIES AND PETS   : True-HEPA H13 Charcoal Captures 99.97% Of Dust And Allergens As Small As 0.3 Microns Such As Airborne Pollutants, Pet Dander, Pollen, Dust Mites, Mold Spores, Odors, And Household Dust.

5 LEVELS OF POWERFUL FILTRATION   : This Model Features Five Levels Of Advanced Filtration To Provide The Cleanest Air Quality. A Combination Filter Cartridge Includes A Mesh Pre-Filter, HEPA H13 Activated Carbon Filter, Plus A UV-C Light, And Ion Generator Work To Sanitize The Air Even Further.

TRUE HEPA FILTRATION   : High-Quality Air Purifier With True HEPA H13 Filter Captures 99.97% Of Dust & Allergens Up To 0.3 Microns, Including Ultra-Fine Dust, Smoke, And Pet Dander.

CLEAN AIR IONIZER   : The HEPA Air Purifier With Ionizer, UV Sanitizer, And Activated Carbon Filter. The World's Best Air Purification Technologies To Provide The Freshest Air. A PM2.5 (Particulate Matter) Sensor Automatically Adjusts Airflow To Ensure The Highest Quality Air.


Does It Have A UV Light?    Yes.

How Big Of An Area Does It Clean? 150-250 SF.

Is It Safe For Children And Asthmatic Patients?       Most Definitely, It Will Helps Children Build Their Immune System Without All The Sickness   

Is It 100% Pollution Free?    100% Pollution Free   .

How Does It Filter The Air?    We Have Designed It To Have Five Stages Of Ionic Filtration, So The Air You Breathe Is 100% Fresh.    

Will It Get Rid Of Must And Large Dust Particles?    Yes, The Filtration System Will Rid Your Air Of Any And All Dust.

How Well Does It Filter? Ionic    Air Purifier Will Rid Your Air Of 99.97% Of Air Particles    

Is It Loud?    Not At All! It Is Designed To Be Extremely Quiet (Less Than 27dB)   


How Many Negative Ions Does This Produce? 80    Million Negative Ions.


■ Made In The USA

■ Noise Level: Less Than 27 Db    (   Extremely Quiet)

■ Cycles The Air 5 Times Per Hour

■ Has A Charcoal Filter Layer

■ Model Number:    Ionic-1811

■ Has UV Light Technology

■ Certified As Energy-Efficient

■ Color: Dark Gray

    Material: Aluminum Alloy

■ Input: 5V/2000mA

■ USB Output: 5V/1000mA

■ Negative Ion: 8*10(6)PCS/CM3 (80 Million)


■ Yes. 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty


Simply Wipe The Device With A Dry Cloth


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“My kids suffer from severe allergies & hay fever (allergic rhinitis), not helped by the fact we have so many pets. We live in Richmond, Virginia (one of the worst places in the US for pollen at this time of year). I bought a bundle of 3 purifiers for each of their bedrooms after a friend recommended Lab Charge. After the first week, my kids were sleeping much better at night & their eyes and skin were visibly less irritated. I would highly recommend this product for any other allergy sufferers out there.”——Janet S. - Denver CO.

“I was looking for a new, filterless air purifier as I was getting sick of ordering new filters for my old one from another brand. My new Lab Charge air purifier arrived within 48 hours, is much quieter, and is obviously much better value for money as I don’t have to keep replacing the filters. Highly recommend!”——Brenda D. - Boston WA.

“I bought a bundle of 3 air purifiers for my two bedrooms & living room to tackle the lingering smell of cigarette smoke (I live with my mother – unfortunately, a keen smoker of 20 years). This product literally eliminated all lingering smoke odor within a few days; I wish I’d bought them sooner.”——Karen S. - Washington DC.

“It does smell better. Less stuffy. It's quiet. I love it!! Absolutely the best thing I’ve ever purchased. I would definitely recommend this item. So happy I decided to buy it.——Stuart D. - Harrisonburg VA.

“After researching for days upon days, I had my eye on this. Once I saw the special buy, I ordered 3 of them—the best of the best.”——Daniela B. - Dayton OH.

“To tell the truth, for me Labcharge’s products are so far the best ones – even compared to brands calling them premium.”——Shirley - San Diego CA.


We at Here were shocked to find that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) reported that the concentrations of some air pollutants are often 2 to 5x higher than typical outdoor concentrations in America. And with the average American spending 90% of their time indoors, we thought this was a major cause for concern. This is what first inspired us to create our state-of-the-art Air Purifiers – relying on the lightest, thinnest and most durable materials for our designs. Our mission is to help our customers & their families breathe cleaner air, protect those most vulnerable & promote happier & healthier living for all.


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